SMS Scheduler
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Easily schedule SMS deliveries to multiple contacts

Create an account Download our Android app 50 first deliveries for FREE

from your phone

10 first deliveries for FREE

from our premium service

Send SMS from your own phone with our android application

Send SMS in bulk from our premium service

Get the best value for money
3€ / 100 SMS from your phone
10€ / 100 SMS from our premium service

Pre-save messages
Customize your messages with your own contact info

Pre-save sending templates
(eg: D+1 at 8:00, D+3 at 17:30...)

Schedule recurring SMS
(eg: Every monday, every first day of month...)

Easily manage your deliveries with a rich and intuitive interface

Manage the STOP SMS fonctionnality and get the answers of your contacts. (Premium service in France only)

Interact with your contacts by sending custom surveys

Import, export and categorize your contacts

Easily send SMS from your system with our developer friendly API

Our system can react on external events and API.
Contact us if you need a custom integration